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Icons post #15

Finally a new icons post, and maybe it will be the last one until July, in fact as you know next month I'm going to Santander (Spain) for a period of three months.

[11] Lost: Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox + Jate
[08] Gossip Girl (2 animated)
[34] Skins: 3 season
[08] Sophia Bush
[12] Supernatural



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New header and profile

I'm watching the second season of Supernatural, and I love it!
I have almost finished, in fact I have to watch only the two finales episodes: All hell breaks loose part 1 and part 2.
Then I'll start to watch the third season.
I love both Sam and Dean, but Dean it's amazing, and Jensen Ackles is freaking hot!
So, I decided to change my header, the colors and the profile.
Thanks to bubbly_making for the profil code.

That was the previous header, made by me
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