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Icons post #15

Finally a new icons post, and maybe it will be the last one until July, in fact as you know next month I'm going to Santander (Spain) for a period of three months.

[11] Lost: Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox + Jate
[08] Gossip Girl (2 animated)
[34] Skins: 3 season
[08] Sophia Bush
[12] Supernatural



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Icons Post #11

After a lot of time, I post some icons..
I'm sorry for the lack of the last period, but I was very busy with my intership.
Now I'm free, al least until September XD
So, let's go to the graphic

[12 icons] - Gaspard Ulliel (4 animated)
[08 icons] - Sophia Bush (2 animated)
[o3 icons] - Taylor Kitsch
[o4 icons] - Keira Knightley
[15 icons] - Lost episodes, mostly Jate, (2 animated)
[06 icons] - Stock


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Icons Post #09

Finally I'm back, I miss you guys!
I was so busy, but now it' s time to posting some icons :)

12 icons - Gaspard Ulliel
10 icons - Sophia Bush
19 icons - Brooke Davis season 5
06 icons - Kate and Jack from season 4
06 animated icons - Jack and Kate, Desmond and Penny
11 icons - Disney's Characters
09 icons - Stock
11 - Celebrity ( Portia De Rossi, Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton, Anna Friel)


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