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Multi Fandom Wallpapers Post

As you know some tv shows like Gossip Girl, Supernatural, One Tree Hill are in hiatus, so I started to watch some new tv shows like United states of Tara and Demons.
The former it's a brilliant comedy-drama starring Toni Collette that is so talented!
I really recommend you this show.
The latter is an english supernatural television drama series, that follows the adventures of the last descendant of Van Helsing.
It's not so bad at all, but it hasn't captured me.

BTW, it's time to post some new\old wallpapers that I've done.

[3] Gossip Girl - Chuck and Blair from 2x13
[1] Supernatural - Sam and Dean
[1] The Notebook
[1] Evangeline Lilly & Matthew Fox
[1] Gaspard Ulliel
[1] Kaya Scodelario & Sophia Bush
[1 banner] Kaya Scodelario & Sophia Bush


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New Header!

Hi f-list!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm so busy in this period, I have a lot of exams and I haven't so much time to make neither icons or graphics...
But I wanted to change my header, so I made a very fast one about my obsession... Gaspard Ulliel.
the text is taken from the lyric "Time is running out" by Muse.
My previuos header under the cut

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BTW, I'm updating the movies and episodes meme... check it here

Icons Post #11

After a lot of time, I post some icons..
I'm sorry for the lack of the last period, but I was very busy with my intership.
Now I'm free, al least until September XD
So, let's go to the graphic

[12 icons] - Gaspard Ulliel (4 animated)
[08 icons] - Sophia Bush (2 animated)
[o3 icons] - Taylor Kitsch
[o4 icons] - Keira Knightley
[15 icons] - Lost episodes, mostly Jate, (2 animated)
[06 icons] - Stock


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Habby Birthday!

Today is the b-day of a special person, and I just wanted to wish her Happy Birthday.
So I made this simple banner...
Happy birthday bimbabella86

Hoping you'll like!

So che l'inglese non è il tuo forte xD, quindi lo scrivo anche in italiano!
Oggi è il compleanno di una persona "speciale", anche se è un poì tardi ( a causa studio e tirocinio) e volevo semplicemente augurarti buon compleanno!
Tanti auguri Jess! *hug*

Il banner è davvero una cavolata, ma volevo creare qualcosina per te! I soggetti credo che tu li conosca molto bene! *shifty*
Spero che ti piaccia!

Icons Post #09

Finally I'm back, I miss you guys!
I was so busy, but now it' s time to posting some icons :)

12 icons - Gaspard Ulliel
10 icons - Sophia Bush
19 icons - Brooke Davis season 5
06 icons - Kate and Jack from season 4
06 animated icons - Jack and Kate, Desmond and Penny
11 icons - Disney's Characters
09 icons - Stock
11 - Celebrity ( Portia De Rossi, Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton, Anna Friel)


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Icons Post #08

Hi guys!
This week I had time to make some icons and a wall.
So I made 50 icons and a Gaspard Ulliel's wall, my new obsession xD

23 icons - Sophia Bush
05 icons - Sophia with Blake Lively and Kristen Bell
11 icons - Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Chace-Ed-Penn in Sweden
11 icons - Stock
01 wallpaper - Gaspard Ulliel


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