Icons Post #13

I know, I'm a bad lj friend, but in this period I'm so busy with the lessons, and all the burocracy for the Erasmus Exange, and yes, I was accepted! *yay*
So on April I'm going to Santander for 3 months at Cantabria University,but I'll do only practical activity in a critical area (emergency room ect)
I'm soooooooo happy, but I'm a little bit scared too, because I don't speak spanish so well *heeelp*

BTW, a new batch of icons :)

[15 icons] Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
[08 icons] Sophia Bush
[06 icons] Sophia Bush and James Lafferty
[05 icons] One Tree Hill
[08 animated icons] Chuck


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Stay tuned, the next batch will feature Supernatural, Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty.
chuck and sarah

Icons Post #12

Finally I finished my internship, so I'm a little bit more free, even if this friday I'll start lessons at university, again -__-
BTW I made some graphics, a new batch of icons and two walls!

[1 - 14] Friday Night Lights: Tim & Lyla
[15 - 23] Chuck: Chuck & Sarah
[24 - 45] Gossip Girl
[02] Wallpapers : Chuck & Blair 2x08


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New header

I'm a little bit more free from exams, even if I have two more exams left, one on the 30th and one on February. :(

Btw... I've started watching Chuck, and I'm sooo in love with this tv show, it's "Awesome!"
I love all the characters, from Morgan, to Ellie and Mr. Awesome, Casey, but Chuck and Sarah are special, they're so lovely, and Chuck is so sweet and unlucky *lol*
So I decided to change my header, and I choose a Chuck and Sarah's pic *rollinghereyes*

Let me know what you think!

Next time I'll post some icons. Promised.
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Still Alive!

I just want to tell you that I'm still alive xD
But I will so busy with my intership and the exams until the 1st of November. :(
damn exams xD

So see you soon!
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Icons Post #11

After a lot of time, I post some icons..
I'm sorry for the lack of the last period, but I was very busy with my intership.
Now I'm free, al least until September XD
So, let's go to the graphic

[12 icons] - Gaspard Ulliel (4 animated)
[08 icons] - Sophia Bush (2 animated)
[o3 icons] - Taylor Kitsch
[o4 icons] - Keira Knightley
[15 icons] - Lost episodes, mostly Jate, (2 animated)
[06 icons] - Stock


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Playlist Meme

A funny meme snagged from jaspercookies

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5.Put this on your journal.

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Habby Birthday!

Today is the b-day of a special person, and I just wanted to wish her Happy Birthday.
So I made this simple banner...
Happy birthday bimbabella86

Hoping you'll like!

So che l'inglese non è il tuo forte xD, quindi lo scrivo anche in italiano!
Oggi è il compleanno di una persona "speciale", anche se è un poì tardi ( a causa studio e tirocinio) e volevo semplicemente augurarti buon compleanno!
Tanti auguri Jess! *hug*

Il banner è davvero una cavolata, ma volevo creare qualcosina per te! I soggetti credo che tu li conosca molto bene! *shifty*
Spero che ti piaccia!

New header and profile

I'm watching the second season of Supernatural, and I love it!
I have almost finished, in fact I have to watch only the two finales episodes: All hell breaks loose part 1 and part 2.
Then I'll start to watch the third season.
I love both Sam and Dean, but Dean it's amazing, and Jensen Ackles is freaking hot!
So, I decided to change my header, the colors and the profile.
Thanks to bubbly_making for the profil code.

That was the previous header, made by me
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Icons Post #10

Finally summer is back, because until 2 days ago, here in Italy, the weather was very strange.
Unfortunately, I'm blocked here until August, when my nursing internship will completed, at least for the summer time.
But, stop talking, now it's time to post something new.
I've made 55 icons

[3 icons] - Natalie Portman
[1 icon] - Hellen Pompeo
[4 icons] - Kristen Stewart
[1 icon] - Twilight
[9 icons] - Sophia Bush
[8 icons] - Penn Bagdley & Blake Lively
[23 icons] - Gossip Girl and GG cast
[2 icons] - Ugly Betty
[4 animated icons] - Ugly Betty


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